Jennifer K. Oliver

Author PhotoHello, I'm British speculative fiction writer Jennifer K. Oliver. Welcome to my website!

I write both novels and short stories based in the fantasy, sci-fi, or horror genres. Currently I'm working on two young adult novels (a not-too-distant future sci-fi, and a historical fantasy), as well as many short speculative pieces. Check out the Fiction page linked above for some of my published work.

My blog is on Dreamwidth here, where I post regularly about writing, editing, story submissions, story rejections, books, TV, and gaming, with a smattering of web/graphic design and everyday life thrown into the mix.

Books are wondrous things. I love action and adventure, evocative writing and fresh spins on old ideas. I'll give almost anything a try, and I keep a bookshelf at Goodreads so I don't lose track of what I've read.

You can also catch me on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. All my social networking links are on the sidebar to your left.

My web and graphic design business can be found at J. Oliver Designs. I'm particularly interested in designing websites and promotional material / book covers for fellow authors and artistic types, so do drop me a line if you're interested.