If you’re ever stuck for story prompts, inspiration, titles and summaries, or you’re simply looking for a bit of a giggle, head over to the Urban Dictionary and lose a few hours of your life. I’m surprised how many times I see something there and think “That’s so ridiculous, it could make a good story / title.” If nothing else, the ideas can make for fun and random flash pieces for practise, if you have a spare ten minutes on your lunch break or before bed.

Of course, there’s a downside to everything. A couple of times me and my co-workers have invented some weird word or meaning. “Mornoon” was the latest, for that indistinct period of time between 11:50am and 12:10pm. Sadly we found it already exists on Urban Dictionary. Alas.

I’ve updated my Fiction page with the nano-fiction / twitter-length stories I wrote years ago. A lot of the good Twitter-length fiction accounts like One Forty Fiction and  Trapeze Magazine are dead now, but a couple of them are still going, and most of them still archive the old stuff.

Nanoism – This has been around for a long time. The quality is high and the author voices are fresh and varied. I’m happy to see this is still active.

Very Short Stories – Also still active. Written by the same person and, as far as I know, he does not accept submissions (correct me if I’m wrong).

7×20 – This is on WordPress and Twitter. They only accept 140 characters, despite the recent increase in length. But that’s part of the challenge.