For our second week task we were asked to find three things to discuss at our conference call:

1. A literal example of our keyword
2. An abstract example of our keyword
3. Another artist’s interpretation of our keyword

For my literal image I went with a basic geometric pattern:

For my abstract, I chose two different pictures. First, geometry in nature (it is everywhere!):

Second is a quick drawing I created in Illustrator. I wanted people to look at this and tell me what it reminded them of or what it evoked in them.

A few key words that jumped to my mind when looking at this design: mystical, mathematical, spiritual, abstract, fantasy, ritual, cosmic. Some of the other ideas and words that came up when I showed this to my fellow students: circuitry and constellation (which could also lead to zodiac). Hoax is another interesting connection, as this could also represent a crop circle. Insignia also comes to mind, leading to an organisation or gang.

The different ideas depend on a person’s interests, beliefs, and connotations they have absorbed elsewhere.

Finally, my third entry is a piece by artist Manolo Gamboa Naon, which you can see on Behance hereManolo’s piece blows my mind. I can stare at it for ages and get drawn deeper and deeper. It feels almost like I’m looking down onto a strange and colourful cityscape. The faint grey lines all over it are like many pathways and possible directions people can go, with the larger circular shapes like buildings with their own networks and pathways within them. This is one of those pieces where I get totally lost and absorbed. Manolo is a creative coder who also makes video games, which is possibly why when I look at this piece I see a landscape and a place to traverse and explore.

Credit: Manolo | Beehive