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Month: February 2019

Book Cover Design | Philip Norris

Back in 2017 author Philip Norris approached me with a graphic design project. He was about to publish his novella You Can’t Avoid A Little Blood on Amazon and needed a professional cover design to go with the book. I used a stock photo of a warrior for Phil’s cover, and to meet the brief I also included a burning tower (heavily Photoshopped) and a moody, high-fantasy landscape.

The story is excellent and I recommend you check it out. Here is a summary:

The Four Empires have coexisted for 2,000 years, the peace built from the destructive wars with the Frail Men. But now forced are at work to undo that peace, to tear down the millennia of human dominance and bring about a return to the dark days.

Joakim Karesh is a former Regulator the Empires shock troops, now a sword for hire. All he wants is an easy life with quick riches from minimal effort. But he’s an old hand at this game and he knows in his line of work you can’t avoid a little blood.

A simple job, a quick payday and maybe not too many have to die. What could go wrong?

If you are an author looking for professional book cover design, drop me a message with your requirements and budget to joliverdesigns(at)gmail(dot)com.

Book Cover Design | The Machinists’ Boy

A few days ago I showcased a story cover for the short horror story Shuffle.

Here is another story cover I designed for my short sci-fi YA story The Machinists’ Boy, published in 2016 at Youth Imagination Magazine. I had a blast writing this story and enjoyed getting to know my two young characters. Putting nice people through horrible situations is not always great, but I am still proud of this tory. I created a cover because I had such a strong vision of what the planet in the story looked like.

You can find more of my published fiction here.

Book Cover Design | The Machinists’ Boy

There are a couple more book cover designs I plan to post here. If you’re interested you can find the rest of my graphic design portfolio at J. Oliver Designs.

I particularly love working with fellow authors so if you have a story, novella or novel that needs a professional cover, drop me a message with your requirements and budget at joliverdesigns(at)gmail(dot)com.

Book Cover Design

It has been a long time since I’ve posted and a lot has happened! I am now nearly six months into my MA in Graphic Design (Online) at the University of Hertfordshire and I am absolutely loving it. My grades came back for one of the modules last semester and I did really well so I plan to keep up my winning streak and work hard to achieve my #goals!

I must admit, there hasn’t been a lot of creative writing time these past few weeks, due to having a full time job and uni work, plus general life stuff. I have been doing a ton of graphic design and I thought it would be nice to post some of the book cover designs I’ve made in the past and also a newer one I did a year or so ago.

First up is the cover I created for my short horror-fantasy story Shuffle, published back in 2015 at Kaleidotrope magazine. I created a photomanipulation but recently updated it with new typography.

Book Cover Design | Shuffle, published at Kaleidotrope

I’m so happy with how this turned out. A lot of work (and layers!) went into creating the zombified look. The stock image I used for the woman (my character Sarah) was a normal-looking woman. Definitely not un-dead!

I will post a few more of my book covers over the coming weeks. If you are an author looking for professional book cover design drop me a message with your budget at joliverdesigns(at)gmail(dot)com. I’d love to hear from you!

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