Hello, I’m British speculative fiction writer Jennifer K. Oliver. You can call me Jen. I write stories based in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres aimed at both adults and young adults. Check out the fiction page for some of my published writing.

I post regularly on the blog about writing, editing, reading, graphic design, TV and movies, and gaming, with a smattering of everyday life thrown into the mix.

Books are wondrous things. I love action and adventure, evocative writing and fresh spins on old ideas. I’ll give almost anything a try, and I keep a bookshelf at Goodreads so I don’t lose track of what I’ve read.

You can also catch me on Twitter and Instagram.

My graphic design work can be found at J. Oliver Designs. I create logos, infographics, flyers, leaflets, posters, catalogues and brochures, website banners, book and story covers, custom icons, and business cards. I love designing for fellow authors and creatives. Contact me to enquire.

Many of the featured images attached to my blog posts are from Pixabay, although I sometimes post my own artwork and graphics. I’ll make note of any images that I have created.