A handful of articles about writing. Some of these have been published on my own blog, and some are links to blogs where I’ve been lucky enough to guest post. I regularly blog at Storyslingers, and I will add links to a few of those articles here, too.

Guest Blog Posts

The (Vast) Difference Between a Critique and an Edit – written for Storyslingers.

Planning For The Writing Life – written for the LiveJournal community Get Your Words Out, re-posted to Storyslingers. Things happen in everyday life that are our of our control, and sometimes writing is simply impossible. Once you fall out of your stride, it’s damn hard getting back into it. But there are things you can do to ease you into a writing life

Dadaism: Kick-Starting Creativity by Freeing Your Mind – written for the Paperblanks blog. Coming at Dadaism from a literary perspective, it’s a fantastic way to let go of all authorial control, something a lot of authors and other artistic types struggle with…

Developing Characters, part I – Written for Storyslingers.

Developing Characters, part II – Follow up to the above post. This one goes into more depth about developing character voice.

Finding Your Author Voice – Written for the online bookstore Printsasia. In the beginning, it was also about finding my author voice: some unnameable quality in my writing that would make my work recognisably mine.

Choosing Character Names – Fun, or a Total Nightmare? – Blog post for the Get Your Words Out community on LiveJournal.

Mind-Mapping for Fiction Writers – Short blog post on how using mind maps can be beneficial to fiction writers. Includes links to mind map resources.

Too Much Good Advice? – There are thousands or writing articles spread out across the Interwebs, covering every topic you could possibly imagine. But how much advice is too much, and when do you draw the line?

How Social Networking Can Help Establish Authors – This is aimed at those new to social networking with an eye to writing/publishing connections and promotion. Possibly not so helpful for those already down with the Twitter-fu.


My Blog Posts on Writing

Dadaism, and Letting Go of Authorial Control – Rejecting logic and embracing irrationality to free up creativity.

What if Your First Draft Falls Short of the Mark? – On over-writing or under-writing the first draft of a story.

To Outline, or Not to Outline? – Do you prefer to outline in detail, or are you an off-the-cuff writer?

Time Travelling, Awkwardly – A short post about the passage of time in fiction. Let’s face it, if character A stares at character B for ‘several minutes’, there’s something seriously wrong with character A. Stalker, maybe? But seriously, have you ever timed two or three minutes?

On the Pesky Nature of Giving Advice – Why it can be dangerous telling other authors how to write.

On Countersinking: Showing and Then Telling – Showing and then telling is an easy hole to fall into. Often we don’t even realise we’re doing it, but it can seriously hamper your prose.

Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies – Vampires, werewolves and zombies seem to have a really bad reputation at the moment. Which, okay, sounds like a bit of an understatement, but I don’t mean literally, more literary. Includes some story recommendations.


My Workshops

Writing “Other Worlds” Workshop – This workshop was given to a group of Year 10 students (15 years) about writing worlds that are different to our own, whether that is another culture, or an alternative reality.