This is a selection of sites and resources for writers and readers that I’ve found helpful, insightful or entertaining. Obviously what works for one person might not work for the next, but hopefully these will get you started. Most of these sites contain further reading links and their own resource pages.

If you find any broken links, please send me an email and I will either try to fix it or find an alternative. Many thanks!

General Research & Reference

Little Details – A great place to ask research questions about pretty much every subject imaginable. It’s best to have a LiveJournal to use this site, although you can comment anonymously by following a link on the profile.

Urban Dictionary – Lists most slang and pop culture terms, with definitions. I find this site hilarious. Be careful, though, you might waste entire days scanning the archives.

The Phrase Finder – The meanings and origins of over 1,600 English sayings, phrases, idioms and expressions.

Behind the Name – Great site for finding names for characters, with name meanings, popularity stats, etymology, and history. One for the nerds!

Research For Writers – List of links to various research venues, including baby names, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, maps, reference books, newspapers, and libraries.

Oxford Dictionaries – Including Ask Oxford and pages on Better Writing.

Encyclopedia Mythica – Extensive resource, listing mythology, folklore, and religion, organised into region to make searches easier.

Monstropedia – As you might expect, a massive encyclopaedia of monsters from myth, legend, magic and art.

Folklore and Mythology Resource Guide – Exactly what it says. Thank you to Tessie Hargrove for the link!


Publishing & Agents

Publishers Marketplace – Here you’ll find information on publishers, agents, reviews, and more. Great for when you’re on the hunt for representation.

Guide to Literary Agents – As they state in their tag line: where and how to find the right agents to represent your work. Pretty self-explanatory.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Literary Agents – Wonderful, insightful post by Neil Gaiman, featuring sage advice by agent Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

Writer Beware Blogs – A publishing industry ninja group. They track and expose literary agent and publishing house scams, as well as post industry news, advice, and more.

Find An Agent – Cool search engine at that’ll help you find a suitable agent. You can filter it by location or by topic.

Pub Rants – Agent Kristin Nelson indulges in polite rants about queries, writers and the publishing industry.

Agent Jennifer Jackson – Agent Jennifer Jackson posts about the industry, too.

The Writers’ Workshop – UK based site. We offer professional feedback on your work, run courses, hold events, host a mass of free advice on this site, and we scout for literary agents.


General Writing Websites & Blogs

Writer’s Knowledge Base – Awesome search engine that finds posts about writing from all over the internet. I can see this becoming an invaluable resource.

Storytellers Unplugged – Features a host of published authors posting about a multitude of writing topics.

100 Twitter Feeds That Will Improve Your Writing – An excellent masterlist for the technical side of writing.

50 Excellent Writing Exercises to Cultivate Your Creativity & Craft – Pretty much what it says on the tin.

The Dorset Writers’ Network – We are here to help you start and sustain a writing group in your community or develop your individual skills as a writer.

Advanced Fiction Writing – This site advises writers on how to organise their story ideas, how to write powerful fiction, how to edit, how to find an agent, and how to market successfully.

The 10 Mistakes A Writer Makes – Common issues a writer might face, from crutch words to sketchy dialogue.

10 Writing Tips That Can Help Anyone – Janet Fitch talks verbs, clichés, variety, and more.

8 Tips for Writing Dialogue – Ginny Wiehardt talks realistic dialogue.

10 Blog Writing Tips – Short and sweet, but with a lot of handy info.

50 Thoughts On Writing – From Seanan McGuire. I’ve decided to write down some of my conclusions about writing. Technique, reality, functionality, revision, critique, the whole ball of wax.


Writing Workshops

Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror – An excellent forum where you can post your WIPs, receive feedback on your submissions, and also post critiques for other writers.

Cat Rambo’s Online Writing Classes – Author Cat Rambo offers writing workshops via Google Hangouts.


Grammar & Editing

Grammargasm – An active community for people who are kinked by grammar and etymology. Also a great place to ask grammar questions, post articles, and discuss grammatical topics.

Grammargeeks – Similar to the above: a place to ask grammar questions and post interesting links.



Ralan – Excellent resource for writers, including extensive lists of markets, rates, links, and info.

Duotrope’s Digest – This site lists over 3000 fiction and poetry publications. Great if you’re looking for somewhere to submit a story. Please note, if you want access to the full archive you have to pay for a subscription.

Twitter Fiction Markets – Author Simon Kewin lists some of the best Twitter fiction markets out there. I also have a post linking to other micro-fiction markets that aren’t specifically Twitter-based here.

New Pages – Lists a load of literary magazines.


Writing Events UK

World Fantasy Con – Huge convention with many big-name guests, events, and panels. Held in Brighton, UK. Set to be incredible.

Bridport Literary Festival – An annual celebration of writing and reading, hosting many guest authors, workshops and events.

Bristol Con – A one day convention organised by the Bristol Fantasy & SF Society. Includes guest authors, exhibitions, and activities.

Bath Literary Festival – Lists the programme for the current Bath Literary Festival.

UK and Ireland Literary Festival Directory – This site lists loads of lit fests taking place all over the UK and Ireland. Well worth checking out if you’re interested in getting involved in the lit fest scene.