Here you can find all of my published short fiction. If any of the links on this page break please let me know so I can fix them.

Writers love feedback, so if you would like to tell me what you thought of these stories you can contact me.

Short Stories (1k – 10k)

The Machinists’ Boy, August 2016, in Youth Imagination Magazine. YA sci-fi drama, in which two young boys are stranded on a wasteland planet only to learn they are not alone. 4,200 words.

Cailan’s mothers were dead on the flight deck, but Sum was alive in the hull, and that was something. The ship had shut most of itself down to conserve power, leaving only enough for basic systems and the faint, rhythmic surge of pressure waves logging leaks and cracks like a struggling heartbeat.

Shuffle, June 2015, in Kaleidotrope. Post-apocalyptic dark fantasy, in which a young woman realises that there is something worse than death. 3,300 words. View the cover design. Reviewed at Locus and SFRevu.

I think my name might be Sarauugh. At least that’s how it sounds when I pull it up through frayed vocal cords. But I’ve also been Joe, followed briefly by Amelia. I was an echo of Dumaka, and for a few moments I was Frederick. And once, I was Mei for an entire morning.

Death Car Alley, February 2012, in Jersey Devil Press issue 27. Speculative, dark urban fantasy, with hints of a monster apocalypse and a dash of tongue-in-cheek. 3,900 words. With thanks to Yvonne Anisimowicz and Dabs Lyons for the beta. View the cover design.

The wolves are out in their death car again, a sleek, slow curb crawl, prowling cracked pavements for signs of life, for meaty flesh to make meaty breath, and they’re hungry.


Flash Fiction (100 – 1k)

Ring-Ring, July 2012. Speculative / paranormal, 156 words. Posted on my blog.

Mundane, November 2011.  Light-hearted sci-fi, 430 words. Free on my blog.


Nano-Fiction / Twitter Fiction

These are tiny stories, some of which were written for Twitter.

The Clockmaker’s Heart, at Nanoism, December 2012. Bittersweet and steampunky.

The Thinning, at 50-Word Stories, December 2012. Contemporary supernatural.

Robogrrrl@onefortyfiction, March 2012. Light-hearted sci-fi.

Morning Jaunt, at 5×5 Fiction Issue 4, January 2012. Stories in 25 words. Apocalypse fiction.

Patio@trapezemag, October 2011. Twitter fic. Tongue-in-cheek horror. Can also be found here.

Grey Matter@onefortyfiction, August 2011. Twitter fic. Contains zombies!