My poor 2012 Macbook Pro is struggling with my heavy-duty graphic design, so I have sorted through all my photos before I move to a new iMac. There are so many wonderful memories from years ago, I’d quite like to share some of them here to break up the writing chatter.

The first one is the day I met Terry Pratchett and the brief conversation we had.

It’s no secret that Good Omens is in my Top Three Books of All Time. The day I went to Terry’s signing I had my dogeared copy clutched in my hands. Most people in front of me passed him his newer books, but when I got to his table and gave him Good Omens, this is what happened:

Jen: “I wasn’t sure which of your books to have signed. But since Aziraphale is my favourite angel ever, it had to be this one.”

Terry: “Oh really? Even though he’s probably gay.”

Jen: “He makes me laugh, no matter how many times I read the book.”

Terry: “We [him and Neil Gaiman] had a conversation about it, and decided that angels were sexless and therefore could be whatever they wanted.”

Jen: “I wouldn’t love them any other way.”

(Please note: I don’t know the other people in the photo. If this is you and you are uncomfortable with this post, let me know and I will remove the photo.)

Was Aziraphale’s sexuality ever disputed? I figured him and Crowley were pretty much asexual. Aziraphale could be considered camp in his mannerisms, so I can see why Pratchett and Gaiman originally had the idea that he was gay.

I love this day in my past and I loved revisiting it recently. A number of years later I went to see Neil Gaiman during his The Ocean at the End of the Lane book tour, so I have had the pleasure of seeing both of these incredible authors in person. Now if only I can meet Stephen King!