This is a re-post of an old blog entry from 2011. All of it is still relevant (the past hasn’t changed) and I thought I’d share a few things about me in case anyone who has read my stories or seen me on social media is curious. Originally I was tagged by Helen Ginger at Straight From Hel to do the Seven Things About Yourself meme. Here are mine.

1. I have two tattoos. The first I got during the summer of 2000, and is of the Indian symbol for OM. I chose this because I spent a blissful three months in India and while there got a henna tattoo. Once I returned home I decided to have the henna version immortalised with a real one, a memory of my time travelling. My second tattoo I got a year later and is a small black and red dragon on my stomach, but alas, I do not have photos.

2. When I was thirteen I wrote a short story about a murderous demon dentist. This says a great deal about my feelings toward going to the dentist at the time. Those feelings haven’t changed much over the years–I still hate it and get that nervous wibbly feeling beforehand.

3. I spent my 20th birthday riding an elephant through a jungle in southern India. Best, and bumpiest, birthday ever.

4. An ex-boyfriend had a star named after me when we were together. I have a chart and certificate and everything; it’s something I just can’t throw out. If you’re wondering where the star can be found it’s 47m13s +19°34’43, in the Pisces constellation (apparently).

5. My first job when I was 15 was as a kennel maid at a boarding kennel and cattery. I basically got paid to walk, feed, groom, and snuggle dogs all day during school holidays and at weekends. It remains one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.

6. When I was but a wee young thing, I would remove a small drain cover outside my house and dangle my feet down the well. My parents have photos of me doing this. It signalled a lifelong love affair with water. Sadly, I also lost a wind-up toy fish originally intended for bath times, which wasn’t so great.

7. Possibly my favourite book of all time is The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub. To me, it is unadulterated epic dark fantasy, unhindered by pasted-on romance and silly narrative devices. For this reason, I can forgive its sometimes long-winded descriptive passages. Jack Sawyer and Richard Sloat are two of my favourite coming-of-age characters, and their pure, bittersweet friendship moves me every time I read it. And lovely, loyal Wolf! Wolf! I was devastated by the sequel Black House (not even going to link to it). It was like reading a book from an entirely different fictionverse.

Feel free to take this meme and run with it on your own blog. Drop a link here too and I’ll check it out.